About us

The Crooked Fork is a creative cooking service, specializing in street food and gastronomy. We have acquired a vast expertise in catering and hotel industry. We offer a menu worthy of the biggest restaurants.

We offer two types of food creation: custom catering and street food service.

The high-end catering service transports its kitchen directly to you. We adapt to all types of receptions:

  • Breakfast and lunches
  • Gourmet menus
  • Corporate receptions
  • Wedding

You have an event, ask us for a free quote.

The Food Truck Service offers specialty meats that make The Crooked Fork’s reputation and unique character: Wapiti, Kangaroo, Duck, Alpaca, Boar, Camel, Pulled Pork … and top quality Canadian Beef and Chicken. We make the best burgers and sandwishes in town … even East of the Rockies !

Our Food Truck serves customers in downtown Edmonton. We participate in public events in the region: foods markets, fairgrounds, sporting events, … It makes the reputation and standing of The Crooked Fork.

Find the place where we will serve you today, come and discover our excellent menu of the day, on StreetFoodAppEdmonton

Enjoy your meal

TCF team and partners

The Crooked Fork established its high level reputation in Edmonton since 2013. Thanks to all our first-class clients.